Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Diamonds Are Forever

      For so many generations now, man has always been enthralled by the beauty of diamonds. Who wouldn’t, anyway? They’re shiny, durable and almost flawless. They’re the hardest mineral known to man and has been the constant reflection of beauty, power and luxury ever since. One cannot help but wonder why this most-besotted gemstone is being referred as the teardrops of the gods.

                Unknown to some, diamonds are one of the few items that are more expensive than gold! Normally, a gram diamond costs about $12,400 toppling a gram gold with a price tag of $49.42.
                What gave diamond its extreme luxury is its rarity. Throughout the history of man, diamonds were unearthed and caused countless of controversies and mysteries. Some of its known secrets are being shaded for a time before our love with this stone continues in a never ending adoration.

                Mined for millennia, diamonds are the universal symbol for prestige and luxury. It seems then that through time, man has found a way to use his playful and creative minds to indulge an visual appetite that no other gemstones can satisfy.
Royal Diamond Chess that costs about $500, 000 each set
Hublot Diamond Watch.
A staggering $5 million watch with 18K white gold packed with
182 baguette diamonds on it its wrist-arm
plus the another 18K white gold
and 302 baguette diamond for its case.
Considered to be the most expensivejewelry ring in the world, The Pink Diamond RIng
was reported sold in an auction last 2010
to a jaw-dropping price of $46 million

Figure 4 The infamous Diamond Panther Bracelet
of the late Wallis Simpsom was sold in an auction.
The diamond bracelet raised a total
of $12.5 million to an unknown buyer.

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